WARNING: This game is HARD.

You get points based on how far you make it through each level, so I encourage you to try your best in every level and skip forward using the in-game menu (press M) when you get stuck so that you can try them all. See what final score you can get in the end!

Here's a couple tips:

  • Lean into your bullet time—the game is a lot easier when you utilize it fully. If you're losing a level but still have time left in that bar, try using it more liberally and hold it down for longer each time.
  • You can think of the 8-ball's position on the table as being like your health. If it's very close the edge, you're likely to lose it!
  • A new ball spawner variation is introduced every level. The color of the ball is correlated with its spawner type.


Press and hold the mouse anywhere to enter bullet time (slow motion). Releasing the mouse will propel the cue ball and end the bullet time. You get ten seconds of bullet time per level. 

Press M to bring up the in-game menu.

This game was made over the course of one week for the 2021 Bullet Hell Game Jam.


Art Credits
Pool table / scene art assets by Rumen.
Cover/title art by Paul.

Music Credit
Fire and Thunder — Cjbeards

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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